ISES, s.r.o.

M. J. Lermontova 25
160 00 Praha 6

IČ: 64 58 39 88

Telefon:  +420 233 339 718
Tel./Fax: +420 233 338 259
e-mail: ises@ises.cz

Management Policy

The management and employees of ISES, s.r.o., offer their clients comprehensive services in the environmental protection area.

The most important quality criterion, while maintaining the maximum efficiency, is the compliance of the company activity results with applicable laws, regulations, technical standards, public administration requirements and the client's requirements.

We consistently utilize all resources to meet requirements, needs and expectations of our clients, putting emphasis on continuous improvement of the quality of the works performed.

The company management undertakes to:

  • deploy and consistently maintain an internal company management control system, complying with principles of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • continuously improve the system to achieve a permanent increase in its efficiency while complying with the applicable legislation, relating to the scope of the company business
  • create sufficient financial, personnel and organization conditions needed for the quality and environmental management system to function
  • plan and ensure a comprehensive staff training system in order to continuously raise their awareness and provide them with neccessary knowledge in the environmental protection field
  • utilize inputs from our clients and accept such procedures and methods, including preventive precautions, that would eliminate and reduce the occurrence of product non-conformities
  • utilize inputs from our clients and accept such procedures and methods, including preventive precautions, that will minimize negative environmental impacts
  • reduce the volume of waste and consumption of resources (material, fuels and energy), promoting renewal of these resources and recycling of waste wherever possible
  • apply ecological criteria when selecting suppliers and entering into business relationships
  • continuously evaluate the impact of all company activities on the environment

The management of ISES, s.r.o., expects their employees to exhibit loyality, respect the company culture, and identify themselves with the announced management policy and the management strategic goals set.

In this respect, the management obliges their employees to:

  • continually test their results from the future user´s perspective,
  • consistently verify every management enhancement solution proposed and immediately put it into practice,
  • under all circumstances respect rules defined by the company management when in contact with clients and developing client partnerships.