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Education and Training

Training in the Environmental Protection Area

Participants of our courses will receive basic orientation in the current legislation requirements and basic understanding of the duties of citizens, legal entities and natural persons authorized to conduct business in the following sectors:

  • water protection and water handling
  • atmosphere protection
  • waste management and waste handling
  • handling of chemical substances and agents

Greening of Buildings

The building greening project is ideal for administrative buildings of the public administration, corporate sector and education facilities. By implementing such a project, the given organization clearly declares their positive attitude towards the environment. For elementary schools, the greening mainly has an educational effect on students. The objective is to explore the environmental impact, ensuring an optimal approach to waste management in connection with environmental protection, and protecting water and the atmosphere.

Eco-Education Tools

We design and create tools with waste and environmental protection topics.

  • comic books
  • schedules
  • games
  • pencils
  • regional maps
  • PET bottle presses
  • composters
  • and more

Composting at Schools

The project points out the benefits of utilizing biologically decomposable waste. Children are taught how to proceed with composting, while the project helps them create proper habits, informing about the importance of reducing the volume of the waste in municipalities by separating the biological waste. A valuable resource is obtained, improving the soil quality at vegetable patches and in gardens.